All players prior to being able to play must attend a safety briefing explaining the do’s and don’ts of paintball while at the same time familiarizing the players with their equipment.

We require field paint for two main reasons.

  1. Paint is the #1 source of revenue for a field. This pays for the lease, insurance, wages, field improvements, maintenance and a number of other expenses. We at Husker Paintball try to provide you, the customer with a quality, fun, safe paintballing experience.

  2. Whenever you buy paint from the larger retail chain stores (we won’t name any) you are buying a ball that is designed to have a shelf life of 5+ years. Many of these balls are made with a MUCH thicker shell. Paintballs are designed to break on impact releasing the force of the ball in the “splat”,if they don’t break you get “bounces”, welts and knots on your head. All of our paint is made to be shot within 6 months and breaks at 285fps or less. The ready availability of tournament grade (STAINING) paint is but another reason why we don’t allow outside paint.
What types of markers do we allow?

We allow any type of marker.
We don’t allow any tourney modes, 3 shot bursts, reactive triggers, etc. One trigger pull and one ball is all we allow (semi-auto).

Why don’t we allow this?

These extra features are not “paintball friendly”. Someones paintball experience does not need to include getting fifteen welts from little Johnny’s full auto paintball marker.

Waiver & Safety Briefing
The waiver and safety briefing are mandatory. Fill out both in order to play at Husker Paintball Adventures. Download the waiver and Download Safety Briefing