Group Pricing

For private groups we require a deposit of $125.($5 is non-refundable.) & a minimum of 10 people @ $40 package per person or 12 people @ the $30 package. If the group is canceled for any reason the day prior or day of the event, the entire deposit is non-refundable. These are our minimum operating costs for private groups.
Regular Rate without Deposit
200 rounds Rental Equipment = $30
500 shots w equipment rental = $40
700 rds. w equipment rental= $45
*own equipment $15 - paintballs must be purchased from us. $60 per case field grade paint.
Field Address
Husker Paintball Adventure's playing field is located at:
Husker Paintball Adventures
2881 Splitt Dr.
Murray, NE 68409

8 miles South of Plattsmouth, Nebraska Approximately 40 minutes from Omaha, Nebraska
Directions can be found on our Directions Page

Payment Address ++>>
For payment address please call Nick 402.510.8579
Hours of Operations ++>>
Open to the public Saturday 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Groups can Book Private session at any time.
Groups can book anytime with a 14 day notice.
Deposit or pre-payment required


Paintball Prices ++>>
We will be offering two grades of paint this year Field Grade Paint and Priemium Grade. We will offer Big Ball, PMI and Draxxus paint
Field Grade
$20- 500 Rounds
$40- 1000 Rounds
$60 - Case
Premium Grade
$25- 500 Rounds
$45 - 1000 Rounds
$70 - Case
Group Organizer Reward++>>
We understand the time it takes to be a group organizer so we decided to compensate you. If you organize a group of 17 or more prepaid friends you will
receive use of our new group organizer special package:
  • Free Rental Marker.
  • 500 rounds of free paint
Markers ++>>
For rental equipment we mainly use Tippman's line of paintball markers.
We use specifically the "prolite" and the "model 98"
All paintball markers we rent are semi-auto; meaning every time you pull the trigger one ball is shot out the barrel.
All of our paintball markers are chronographed for a speed at or below 300 feet per second, that's 205 miles and hour. They are gas powered by Compressed air tanks that are not affected by temperature as C02.
Masks ++>>
For head protection we use v-Force Armor Masks..
Open Play ++ >>

You don't need a group to play paintball.
Every Saturday is "Open Play" for individuals or small groups. We welcome anyone that wants to play paintball, whether you rent equipment or own your own equipment.

Saturday only
Sunday is reserved for private groups
Please call for availability of rental equipment.
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Saturday only)

Bring Your Own Equipment: $15 field fee includes air for the day
Rental Equipment: $30 includes rental and 200 rounds. $40 = rental/500 paintballs. $45 = rental/700 paintballs