We are open 10a to 4p. We try to have the gates open by 9 am. Please check our facebook page for current updates or cancellations. We are open for airsoft events the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We are closed on Easter, Fathers Day, and the 4th of July. Adults $20, ages 15-18 $15, and ages 10-14 $10.

Bring your slightly used or new equipment, gear, supplies to show the community. Please go to our FB page & let us know you are attending this year.

B/S/T/ - FOOD DRIVE: 2 cans of food for 1/2 off (Ages 10-14 free with paid adult). Lunch of pizza and pop provided if here by 11 am, weather permitting.

MAY 2ND: TEAM WARS Get your 6 player team entered for a sportsmanship tournament. Only $20 per player. More infor to come. Rainout date is May 16th.

MAY 16TH and June 6TH

JUNE 19TH:( **SATURDAY EVENT**) Fathers Day Special adults $10 (ages 10-14 free with paid adult)



AUGUST 15TH: Back to school special (ages 15-18 $10, ages 10-14 free with paid adult)


OCTOBER 3RD: TEAM WARS Get your 6 player team entered for a sportsmanship tournament. Only $20 per player. More info to come.

OCTOBER 17TH: C.A.D./Toy Drive/ Bring NERF toy guns for 1/2 off (10-14 free w.p.a.). Lunch of pizza and pop provided if here by 11 am.


DECEMBER 5TH & 19TH: Last day of the season, weather permitting.


*Safety & Sportsmanship Rule 1 and 2 - Don't be a jerk! We are all here to have fun.

**All players MUST fill out waivers. Ages 19 & under must have parent/guardian permission.

**All players MUST wear ANSI certified eye pro and cover the teeth. Mesh or safety glasses ARE NOT ALLOWED for eye covering. Players 18 & under MUST have ear protection. Upper/lower mouth piece is allowed for adults. Paintball masks do qualify as safe.

**Airsoft open play is $20 for adults, ages 15 to 18 $15, ages 10 to 14 $10. Ages 13 and under MUST shadow adult.

**When shooting in the staging area, step past the cars to test fire your weapon. Don't shoot over cars or poeple. No shooting without eye pro on. Be safe. Safteys on in staging area. If safety doesn't work, cover the barrel.

**SPORTSMANSHIP!! Call your hits! Don't call opponents hits for them. If you get hit say, "nice shot."

**We will explain the game mode, split up into teams and hand out armbands.

**Minimum engagements (closest you can shoot someone) 20 feet rifleman, 60 feet for DMR/LMG/AEG (ONLY ALLOWED FOR CERTAIN GAME MODES) & 100 feet for snipers.

**ALL guns must be chronographed. Generally around 400 FSP for any size BB .36 and under is allowed, 2.7 joules max. Please see chart

**Heavier BBS .38/.40 for snipers is 365 FPS with 100 feet min engagements. Side arm recommended for closer encounters. 515-550 fps with .2 bb only with 100* med

**Impacts are measured in joules. Joules vary depending on age/type of weapon and BB size. All equipment will be checked and chronographed to calculate that the joules are within safe limits: 2.7 joules is our safety max.

**If anyone has a complaint or an issue, bring it to the ref or admin. Let us deal with it. No man-tantrums.

**If you think you hit an opponent, give them a chance to call out before shooting at them again.

**Grenades must be approved. 15 feet kill radius. Instant out, no medic.

**Dead players don't talk. Let the game/players play it out.

**When closer than min engagements and you have an obvious advantage use, "SAFETY KILL" while pointing weapon at them. If both players are pointing at one another, yell, "PARLEY", truce/draw and walk a safe distance AWAY and respawn.

**Accept your surrender. Don't shoot the nice player surrendering you.

**No blind shooting. Don't shoot through holes smaller than your head, however you can be shot from anywhere. No over shooting.

**If there is an injury on the field, yell "BLINDMAN or MAN DOWN! stop shooting immediately. Players hold their positions unless you're the closest to injured player to helop assist them. Play stops until the injured player is off the field.

**Keep your eyes covered at all times. Lifting your eye pro or mask will get you kicked off the field.

**Safetys on in the staging area and after the game is over. If safety doesn't work, use a barrel cover.


- (MEDICS/RESPAWNS/MODES) will be defined before play begins. If you don't understand game mode or rules, let us know so were all on the same page.

- MEDICS RULES - 10 sec count. Only 1 time per life. No multiple medics.

- 1 person on a bridge at a time.

- Beware of rocks in the creekbed. Beware of the swamp on the red field, you can lose your shoes.

- Don't climb on or jump over bunkers. Don't climb trees.

- No spawn camping or shooting into another teams respawn area. Retreat if you find yourself at another teams respawn area. Sportsmanship!

- Use dead rags. Red cloth or plastic to signal your out/hit. Try not to stand up and walk away, people will keep shooting at you. Don't shoot the players that are out or retreating with hand/gun in the air. Apologize when its an accident. Sportsmanship!

- Always identify your target before pulling the trigger. Teammate or not? Player in or out?

- Gun hits do not count. Friendly fire counts.

- Know the boundaries and stay inside them.

- If you have an equipment issue, call yourself out and exit the field. You may re-enter the game if its still going on. Get back to your spawn or starting point.

- Cell phones, keys, wallets... don't take anything on the field you don't want to lose.