Husker Paintball is the originator of Paintball in the Omaha Area. The paintball field is located at 24th and Splitt Dr., 8 miles. south of Plattsmouth approx 40 minutes from Omaha, Nebraska.

Players must be 10 years old and up with a parental consent signature. Each person playing paintball at HPA (Husker Paintball Adventures) is required to sign a waiver. You can now print and fill out your waiver from home. You can download the current waiver in adobe acrobat (.pdf) format. If you currently do not have Adobe Acrobat reader download the latest version.
For more information, including hours of operation, what to wear and most commonly asked questions, please visit us on Facebook! Come check us out!

  • We are looking forward to a great year in the woods! For all groups and event planners, make an outing even better by bringing a grill, food, and drinks. Look for our group organizer sheet to print off for generating interest in the breakroom at your work, church or group organization billboard.

  • We have a 20 foot rule and will turn the guns velocity down for younger groups. We recommend 2-3 layers of dark clothing. Ages 10 and over. Mature 9 year olds can play with an adult.

  • For parties of less than 10/last minute plans/or just you. Open Play is by reservation Sat. 10 am - 4 pm. April to November-ish. No reservations- no open play that Saturday. We will never put a group of experienced players against a group of beginners. Open play is Saturday. only, weather permitting.

  • For parties/groups of 10 or more, can book Sat/Sun/Weekdays. With a deposit of $125 check, cash, or credit card accepted. Prefer 14 day notice, but call and see if we can accommodate you.

  • All events/parties are field paint only, you must purchase our paintballs. You are allowed to bring your own food/drinks. Tailgate!!

  • Call or text 402.510.8579 for reservations or see F.A.Q. for Q&A on home page.


Updated 03.11.2023



We have been getting a lot of questions about what to wear, fees, etc. Please take a moment to read through this and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

Do we need to make a reservation?
Yes, reservations are required with or without rentals. Saturdays are open play and open to everyone 10a to 4p with a reservation.. Reservations can be made via our Facebook page, e-mail or by calling/texting, Nick at 402.510.8579

Rain outs and Cancellations:
In the event that there is a rain out or cancellation, the event will be rescheduled to the next Saturday. Please check our Facebook page for cancellation notices.

Private Groups:
Can schedule a reservation any day. A private group of 12 or more can put down a deposit of $125 ($5 non-refundable) toward their party and reserve equipment for any day with proper notice. If your party is short for any reason (only 8 show up) you will be responsible for 12 players @ $30 per player = $360. If you cancel a party the day prior OR the day of the event you will lose your $125 deposit. We will take a credit card for group deposit and cash only at the field.

What does it cost? & How long does that last?
Depends on your trigger finger & your game circumstances. Approximately 100 paintballs per game on average.
-$30 for 200 shots, gun, mask, hopper, tank, barrel plug, air all day & safety referee.
-$40 for 500 shots, ....
-$45 for 700 shots, ....
-$15 for All your own eqmt. And you have to purchase our paintballs. See paint pricing.

Games last 15 minutes with a 10 minute break to regroup and play again. 200 shots can last RAMBO 1 game. Or if you shoot 30 shots per game you can make it 7ish games. Most people shoot 500 to 700 shots and play all day (3-5 hours) Keep in mind, if you get shot in the 1st minute of the save on paintballs for that game...or you can survive to the end of the games and almost empty your hopper of 200 paintballs in each game. Depending on your luck. You can sit out when you like. Take a break if you need to.

Are we allowed to bring our own paintballs?
No. We have to sell paintballs to profit, or we wont have a field to offer you.
For a box of 2000 shots at $60 is .03 Cents per ball! $70 case is .035cents per ball! We try to offer premium grade paint.
$20 for 500 paintballs of a field grade paintball.
$35 for 1000 paintballs.
$60 for 2000 (case) paintballs.
You can share/split paintballs with your party. Go in on paint together. We appreciate your support to the field and its 20 year success!

How many fields do you have? How big are they? How many people can play?
We have 25+ acres of heavy wooded, 1000+ year old fields. We sell adventure. Husker Paintball Adventures currently has 8 different playing scenarios for the true adventurer to sneak around and surprise their opponents. We can open up the whole property and play 100 vs. 100! We can play 4 fields (groups) simultaneously. We are located off highway 75 and you will turn on to 2+ miles of gravel road to get to us. See map

How old/age limits?
We will allow ages 10 and over, mature 9 yr olds have played. A parental consent form is required for ages 17 and under. What we dont want is a youth to have a bad experience & never play paintball again. We can turn the velocity on the guns down for private groups of younger players. We have a 20 foot rule to try and avoid a close encounter.

Do you provide a costume? No. We recommend old boots/shoes. Dark colored, loose clothes, green or brown, if you want to blend in. Long sleeve pants/shirts. Hoodies work well. Gloves will protect your hands. Bandanas are recommended for everyone on humid or cold days.

Will the paint stain clothes?
Yes. Light colored clothes especially. It will wash out of most dark colored clothes but...wear what you want to get shot in.

Do you sell food/drinks?
No. Please feel free to bring what ever you want. Bring a grill & cook out after your event. We try to provide water jugs. we have a picnic table and tables there. Bring your lawn chairs. its a tail gate atmosphere. a book is recommended if your going to hang out in the staging area in between games.

Can we bring our equipment?
Yes. If you have ALL your own equipment its $15 to get in and you have to purchase our paint. Current paint prices are:
$20 for 500 rounds
$35 for 1000
$60 for a case of 2000 (field grade)
$25 for 500
$40 for 1000
$70 for a case
Tank (if available) rental $5. Mask (if available) rental $5

Open play pricing/group pricing difference? Discounts?
-All Active Military get $5 discounts on rental packages & paintballs every SAT. 10a to 4p. open play only.
-We offer no discounts on private groups. All of our pricing depends on how many paintballs you shoot.
-We have special days about once a month to save you money. Check out the schedule of events
-We know paintball is not cheap. We provide you the experience at a fraction of the actual cost.
-For about $40 per person you can rent our equipment and 500 paintballs for a session or purchase at a retailer all new equipment for about $180 (mask, tippman marker, tank, hopper, and barrel cover), but that does not include paint, air, a field or insurance. We have always offered a $5 discount for active military in our open play sessions.

What should we wear?
We recommend DARK, loose clothing, the more layers the better. Hoodies, sweat clothes, long sleeves, old jeans, old boots or shoes, gloves to protect hands. Bandanas are recommended. Paint will stain light colored clothes. Dont wear your nice clothes.

Do you have a restroom/power/running water?
We have a nice clean outhouse. We have no power or running water. Its a primitive atmosphere. We have very little reception although Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T seem to work best. Bring a book and lawn chair if you're not playing.